If you want to go beyond ordinary to achieve the extraordinary read Intentional Success! Brad Taylor's indispensable wisdom will unlock your potential and help you reach the entrepreneurial goals you dream of achieving.

-Roger Crawford, Best-Selling Author, Hall of Fame Speaker

The Brad Taylor experience inspires individuals and organizations throughout North America through purpose, passion, positive mindset, belief, humor and real-time experiences in running a sustainable business especially during these unprecedented times.

The key to speaking to organizations is to inspire, motivate and engage with the audience all while sharing stories that are relatable, not just making something up. It’s re-enacting something that has recently happened while creating credibility, so people will place trust in what you are sharing in your story. Stories carry huge emotional weight. They are relatable and relevant and can place the person, group or organization you are sharing the story with in the proper mindset - allowing you to make your point eloquently. -Brad Taylor

When you work with Brad & Cathy Taylor, our number one goal is to listen to your needs, collaborate with your team and create an engaging presentation, all structured around “the one thing, the message” you want everyone in the audience/meeting to remember and leave with. Connect with Brad & Cathy Taylor


  • Personal/professional business, CEO, leadership, couples/partners and transformational coaching.

  • Cathy & Brad share their story on what the real meaning is behind “Risking It All To Succeed” when they moved 3,100 miles to start their business in a city/state they knew no one in and when family said they would fail and be back in six months. Great for entrepreneurs that are currently operating and/or starting a business/franchise.

  • Stay Positive. Never Give Up. During the height of COVID-19, how Brad continued to maintain a positive mindset, while going through treatment and radiation therapy for an aggressive form of cancer.

  • Key benefits in utilizing SOCIAL MEDIA/Video and how it will play a critical roll in growing your business, especially now more than ever.

  • Importance of customer service, client interactions in operating a successful sustainable business.

  • Why creating the right team is critical in growing your business and how to be an incredible leader.

  • Working with your spouse/partner (chapter seven) Intentional Success. (see video below)

  • Several segments of the “Twelve Intangibles of Success” (chapter one) Intentional Success.


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Brad Taylor has a purpose and passion for business, sharing over 45 years of experience, 25 dedicated to serving the real estate industry. Immersing himself in innovative strategies to create incredible results for small businesses as he guides individuals and organizations towards achieving their ultimate goals. Read More


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Brad and his wife, Cathy, have worked together for over 25 years. Working side by side, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this couple has created a family, a national media business, and have successfully written their own destiny. Read More